Should I have Penis Enlargement Surgery

Should I have penis enlargement surgery, is a question that many men in the United Kingdom are asking themselves. They will not be too pleased to learn that a vast majority of Britons that have undergone penis enlargement surgery have reported dissatisfaction with the results. According to a survey that was conducted by surgeons working at St Peter's Andrology Center that is located in London, of the forty-two men questioned, a majority said that the results were not satisfactory.

Should I have Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery – what can you expect?

Therefore, it is important to ask yourself the question, should I have penis enlargement surgery? No doubt, after such surgery, you can expect, on average to enjoy a half an inches increase in the length of your penis. However, 75 percent of those who were quizzed about their satisfaction levels in regard to their penis enlargement surgery reported that the results had left them feeling very unhappy.

Spam emails/advertisements

This is understandable because today spam emails as well as advertising are bombarding men with promises that are mostly very unrealistic. So, if you have thought to yourself, should I have penis enlargement surgery and you believed these spam emails and different advertisements promising you fantastic results you will certainly feel very let down by the results.

The simple truth is that penis enlargement has become a subject that has been hyped up to an incredible level. Those who have wondered, should I have penis enlargement surgery, are left feeling very confused by all the unrealistic promises that are being made via email and other forms of advertising.

Psychological belief

Most men already have a psychological belief that by enlarging their penis they can become more attractive and better in bed. The fact of the matter is that many men, even after having undergone penis enlargement surgery, come back to their surgeon and request a fresh surgery. This is because the first surgery hardly made any real difference at all.

Those who are experts on the subject of penis enlargement surgery recommend that men should first wonder, should I have penis enlargement surgery and then only turn to surgery as a last resort. These experts opine that men with a concern about the size of their penises really do not need to undergo penis enlargement surgery; rather, they need to be counseled for their psychological problem.

If you ask yourself, should I have penis enlargement surgery and you are convinced that this is the way to go then you will need to decide whether to have your penis lengthened or widened or have both done in a single surgery. You need to also worry about costs and more importantly you will need to also think about the possible risks as well as complications associated with this form of surgery.

Another way of finding an answer to the question, should I have penis enlargement surgery, is that you need to be suitable for this kind of surgery. This means that you must be of a proper age and your present state of health should be good. You also need to have realistic expectations. If you are healthy physically and emotionally, then you can proceed further and undergo penis enlargement surgery.