Penis Enlargement Surgery UK

If you are looking to undergo penis enlargement surgery UK, then there will be several options available to you. Though it is possible to enlarge the penis with the help of pills, pumps and massage techniques, penis enlargement surgery offers the best chance of really enlarging the penis permanently and this is why most Britons opt for penis enlargement surgery UK.

Penis Enlargement Surgery UK

Penis enlargement surgery – different factors

Before looking for a good penis enlargement surgery UK surgeon, it is important to take into account factors such as your age, present state of health and the main reason for choosing to undergo surgery to enlarge your penis. At the very least, before undergoing surgery, it is important for you to be in good physical shape and you should also be in sound emotional condition as well.

Provide facts honestly

When discussing matters with a surgeon it is important to provide all the facts about yourself honestly and in an upfront manner. If you fail to mention anything, this can have adverse effects on your surgery such as risk of complications and it can even affect the ultimate outcome of the penis enlargement surgery UK. If you smoke, then the surgeon will definitely require that you give up your smoking habit. If you do not stop smoking, the surgeon will refuse to operate on you.

Pre-surgery/post-surgery issues

Before undergoing penis enlargement surgery UK, it is also important to find out and follow the pre-surgery and also the post-surgery issues. These will be explained to you by the surgeon after consultation. You will be informed about when you must eat your last meal (and even drink) before the surgery. You will also be told about what will happen on the day that the surgery is to be performed and you will also be informed about the procedure and the recovery period thereafter.

Before choosing penis enlargement surgery UK, be sure to understand that there are several options available to you including lengthening or widening the penis. The procedures can be performed individually or simultaneously. If you want to have your penis widened, the surgeon may choose to try liposuction in which some fat from the abdomen or thighs needs to first be removed. Then this fat is injected into the penis and in this way can help in widening the penis by between thirty and fifty percent.

In case you want to undergo penis enlargement surgery UK in which the main objective is to lengthen the penis then the surgeon must first make a tiny incision at the penis's base. Then the surgeon will cut some basal penis ligament and suspend this. The result is that the penis will drop in the forward direction which then helps to make the penis look longer. After such penis enlargement surgery UK, there is a good chance the penis can become between twenty and fifty percent longer.

After penis enlargement surgery UK, the patient can expect to experience some amount of pain as well as soreness for a few days. The penis will also feel quite swollen and it will feel bruised as well. It can also remain numb but after a week or two weeks, everything will seem normal once more. It is also important to abstain from sexual activities for a month following the surgery.

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